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Werner Sabo and James ZahnWelcome

Welcome to Sabo & Zahn. This law firm has a reputation for providing services of the highest quality. Sabo & Zahn has represented a wide variety of clients, vigorously advocating for their interests with integrity, tenacity and personalized attention carefully tailored to meet each client’s unique needs. Many longstanding clients have continued to choose Sabo & Zahn as their trusted legal counsel. A substantial number of referrals come from these same longstanding clients. Today, the firm is comprised of three attorneys who offer their clientele a full range of legal services. The attorneys at Sabo & Zahn are dedicated to guiding and assisting those it serves to attain successful results in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Sabo & Zahn’s partners have a broad range of experience in construction and related matters. The firm has counseled large corporations, small and mid-sized businesses, and individuals. Sabo & Zahn has proven to be invaluable to its clients in developing and establishing innovative and sound professional, business and loss prevention plans designed to protect assets and minimize risk.

Each attorney at Sabo & Zahn uses his experience to provide solutions in his respective practice areas by the most expeditious means. The attorneys are accessible to clients both in terms of responsiveness and location. For these reasons, Sabo & Zahn enjoys many valued and lasting relationships with its clients while continuing to attract new clients seeking prompt and resourceful solutions to the issues they face. For those clients who have found themselves in litigation, Sabo & Zahn has litigators skilled in both the prosecution and defense of claims. Cases involving complex issues of fact and law are among those that have earned Sabo & Zahn a reputation for excellence. Sizeable awards have been obtained. An enviable record in litigation and arbitration has also been established.

A commitment to excellence underlies the multi-faceted practice of Sabo & Zahn. The wide expanse of services provided by the firm is matched by the depth of experience of its attorneys.



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